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training CourcesRISK ASSESSMENT (HSE)

Risk AssesmentCourse Description

The risk assessment is described as : “a careful inspection of what, in your work, could cause harm to people, so that you can weigh up whether you have taken adequate precautions or should do more to prevent harm.”

Risk assessment sounds complicated but we do it every day. Much of the time, we do it automatically, such as when we cross a familiar road or drive a car to work. If you are not very good at this process then you will not live long.

There are many occasions in our normal life, however, when we might assess risks in a more deliberate, conscious way. For example, if you look after very young children you will think about the things in your home that present certain risks to a child, seeking to make the home safe for them.

Welcome to this RISK ASSESSMENT WORKSHOP. The aim of this  workshop is to help to create a safe place of work through the prevention of accidents and ill-health

By the end of tRisk Assesmenthis presentation you will know:

  • What risk assessment is;

  • Where the need for risk assessment comes from; and

  • The principles behind carrying out a risk assessment.

Course Content

  • What is Risk Assessment?

  • What is Hazard and Risk?

  • What is Suitable & Sufficient?

  • Common Hazards and Controls

  • Five Steps to Risk Assessment

  • Severity and Likelihood

  • Residual, Acceptable and Tolerable Risk

  • Principles of prevention

  • Job Safety Analysis

  • Risk Assessment Matrix

Training Duration

  • 2 days


  • English


  • Available is the training division of Systems International Inc. in collaboration with LF Corp. Philadelphia, USA.