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Public  Speaking skillsCourse Description

Public speaking is an anxiety-provoking situation for many people. In surveys about what people fear, public speaking is generally among one of the top. We all know it’s scary, but what about it is so frightening?

Why are we so scared to speak in front of a group? Whether we're talking in a team meeting or presenting in front of an audience, we all have to speak in public from time to time.

We can do this well or we can do this badly, and the outcome strongly affects the way that people think about us. This is why public speaking causes so much anxiety and concern.

The good news is that, with thorough preparation and practice, you can overcome your nervousness and perform exceptionally well. This workshop explains how!

Welcome to the workshop PUBLIC SPEAKING SKILLS. This workshop will give you some valuable public speaking skills, including in-depth information on developing an engaging program and delivering your presentation with power.

Public  Speaking skillsCourse Content

  • The importance of public speaking?

  • Most common fears of public speaking

  • 7C’s of communication

  • Identify the audience

  • The power of pitch

  • Create a basic outline

  • Organize ideas

  • Flesh out the presentation

  • Find the right words

  • Prepare all the details

  • Overcome nervousness

  • Deliver a polished, professional speech

  • Your body language

  • Handle questions and comments effectively

  • Three common ways to overcome your fear of disapproval

  • Public speaking – role plays

Training Duration

  • 2 days


  • English


  • Available is the training division of Systems International Inc. in collaboration with LF Corp. Philadelphia, USA.