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training CourcesHow to attend interviews?

Course Description

How to interviewPreparing for and attending interviews is an extremely important part of getting a job.  Being prepared means you will feel more confident about going into an interview. During an interview you are likely to be asked general/common questions about why you should be chosen for the job.  Prepare an answer to possible questions. Think about how you see the job, what the job needs and how your skills, abilities, efficiency and qualities will meet those needs.

Before your interview, try to find out as much as you can about the job, such as:

  • What tasks you would be performing in the job

  • Your rights and key responsibilitie

  • Information about the organization and its policies and procedures in relation to employing people with disability

  • How your disability might impact on the requirements of the job.

Interviews provide employers with an opportunity to find out about you and what you know. They may involve one interviewer or a board known as a panel intervie

Welcome to this workshop How to attend an interview?

Upon successful completion of this workshop, you will be well confident and able to attend a job interview fearlessly, confidently and hence to bag your dream job!

Course Content

  • How to prepare for an interview?

  • Interview skills

  • Behavior and situational interviewing techniques

  • Conducting the Interview

  • Kiss, Bow or Shake Hand?

  • Dress for success

  • Test your skills

  • Interview Do’s and Don'ts

  • Overcoming a lack of qualifications

  • The Big Five Personality Traits

  • Perform interviews (mock interviews)

Training Duration

  • 2 days


  • Available


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