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Course Description

There are many reasons for driving, whether it be travelling to and fro from work, making a sales call or delivering a product or service. Driving can seem monotonous but roads create many hazards.

Every five seconds an automobile crash occurs, every ten seconds an injury occurs from a crash and every twelve minutes someone dies from an automobile crash. Most of these incidents occur during the work day.The number of drivers and vehicles are increasing every year. Being safe while driving will prevent many accidents and save employers huge money spent on vehicle damage and injury per year.

This workshop will help you to improve your driving performance by exposing you to defensive drivingattitudes and techniques.

defensive driving

Benefits of Internal Workshop

  • Understand importance of driving safely

  • What to do in an accident?

  • To know the hazards on road.

  • To know the fatal factors in traffic mishaps

  • Understand traffic regulations & law

  • To be a defensive driver

Course Content

  • What’s defensive driving?

  • Unsafe conditions

  • Unsafe acts behind the wheel

  • Driving Errors

  • Defensive Driver

  • Hazard - Recognition, Understanding, Avoidance

  • Why seatbelts?

  • You as a driver

  • How to prevent traffic accidents?

Training Duration

  • 1 day


  • English

  • Malayalam is the training division of Systems International Inc. in collaboration with LF Corp. Philadelphia, USA.